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You remember the story about Goldilocks, right? The one where she sneaks in the house and finds some porridge. The first is too hot, the second is too cold, but the third one is just right. Goldilocks found the happy medium! You’ve found it before, too, when you’ve jumped into a shower. A scalding shower can be just as bad as a freezing one, but you could stay for hours at the happy medium.

Just as food and other things can be physically too hot or cold, so too can people be emotionally and verbally too hot or too cold. Take, for example, when you cancel your plans with someone via text and they reply with something a little less than kind. A too-hot response might be, “Oh I see, you want to cancel on me because something better came along. Whatever.” A too-cold answer might be something more like “k.” Either way, you don’t particularly love the response.

The Happy Medium in Your Relationship

If your friend would have answered you with, “Aw, that’s disappointing! No worries, I’ll catch you next time,” you might have been more receptive. Through this text, she told you that (a) she’ll be sad not to hang out with you and that you cancelled plans, but (b) she isn’t mad about it at all. You know you and your friend are cool, but you might also be a little less likely to cancel on her again in the future.

Now, imagine this in a more complex situation. You’ve been on one date with a guy (we’ll call him Bruce) it went great. After your second date, which was also amazing, Bruce invites you up to his place. You don’t really want to sleep with him just yet, but you think you might be ready to after another date or two. Do you respond by:

  1. Saying, “Absolutely not.” and asking to go home.
  2. Going up to his place and awkwardly finding a way to tell him you don’t want to have sex.
  3. Saying, “Believe me when I say that nothing sounds more tempting, but I will want to get the whole tour if I come up with you, and I don’t think I’m quite ready to see the bedroom yet. Will you ask me again after our next date?”

Which one do you think is going to make him practically desperate for a third date?

Setting Your Standards

Using the happy medium is a great way to keep him interested and excited about you. If you are able to handle potential issues by using the happy medium, you will be able to dictate what is okay and what isn’t when dating you without hurting his feelings. Think about the hot and cold way to handle a situation when it arises, and come up with a happy medium response. It’s a chance for you to add a bit of a challenge to your interactions, which will keep him on his toes. Let me know your experience with the happy medium in the comments below!

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