Interview Series

  • Scot McKay – X&Y Communications

    In This EXCLUSIVE Interview with Relationship Coach Scot McKay from X&Y Communications you will hear…
    The do’s and don’ts for attracting the men you want!
    The NUMBER ONE Thing you should Never do when looking for a guy!
    Make this Minor Adjustment to Ensure that You Get Any Guy You Want to Start Approaching You!
    Ever Wonder if You’re Moving Too Fast? Find out how Long You SHOULD Wait before Sleeping with Him!
    Learn the Secret to a Successful Marriage from this Top Relationship Coach!

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  • Suzanne Oshima – Single in Stilletos

    Learn the answer to the #1 most asked question by women
    Are the guys you want not approaching you? Fix it with THIS simple tip
    Why THIS tip puts you at an advantage over 90% of other women

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  • Miss Solomon – The Dating Truth

    Listen to this EXCLUSIVE interview with Dating Coach/Blogger Miss Solomon to learn some of The Best tips you can start applying today!
    Learn the distinct quality between the guy who IS right for you and everyone else
    Do you find yourself too busy to date or have the fulfilling partnership you’ve always wanted?… There’s hope!
    Do you ever feel like men are so much less forgiving in Relationships than women? Learn from this dating expert why that is!
    Are you in the right relationship? Hear this tip to find out if you’re with Mr. Right!

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  • Lisa Copeland – Dating After 50

    Tired of dating? Learn this mindset to change that forever!
    Learn how women over 50 can find quality men TODAY
    Are you making this mistake to attract men?
    Marriage and commitment and how to approach that conversation
    How to end emotional baggage with one simple step.

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  • Annie Gleason – Get a Love Life

    Does it seem like all men want sex? Here’s the surprising truth
    Why men actually don’t want younger women.
    Do you fall in love too easily or are you the girl with a wall put up? You’re going to want to hear this…

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  • James Swanwick – One in a Million Man

    The secret to get him to start investing… every time!
    Are you a “texter?” Why this might hurt your chances to get your dream guy.
    How to get him to call with this simple trick!
    Tired of attracting the wrong guy? This expert coach shows you where you can find quality men.

  • Marni Kinrys – That’s Not How Men Work

    In This EXCLUSIVE Interview with Wing Girl Marni Kinrys you will hear…

    The FASTEST way to find “The One” without wasting months of your time or dealing with heartbreak

    This dating expert shares insight into her marriage so you can have your own “happily ever after”

    Find out what y ears of experience coaching men has shown her about the male mind.

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