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I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume that you have a smartphone, and that you text regularly. I know that texting may not be your preferred method of communication, but today, I would like to discuss how important texting can be when getting to know a guy. It also needs to be perfectly clear what to say and what not to say over text message. If you want to learn the way to get him hooked on you and anxiously awaiting each text, read on!

You Have to Text, but not too Much

Some of you out there might be thinking, “Oh, I hate texting.” First of all, you need to ditch that mindset immediately. By blocking out texting entirely, you are missing out on many opportunities that may not present themselves in any way other than through text message. Second, make sure you aren’t texting TOO much. You know what I mean…if you meet a guy and give him your number, and you two text each other all day with no verbal communication? It’s probably going to be awkward once you meet up since you don’t know what their communication style is when they aren’t in front of a screen. Many guys are more confident over texting, and it would be disappointing to lose that in person.

Say Interesting Things

If you try to start a texting conversation with “Hey, what’s up?”, it tells him two things: 1) You’re bored, and 2) you’re boring. When you text him and ask what he is doing, it shows that you don’t have anything better to focus on and you are relying on him to entertain you. My challenge to you is to send a text that is interesting and entertaining. For example, if something happens to you during the day that reminds you of him, tell him what it was! If you can find an excuse to send a picture message, that’s all the better. That means you took the time to snap a photo because something made you think of him! Find something interesting to say when you text him; otherwise, he will get bored quickly.

Avoid Questions When Making Plans

It’s really easy to ask him out on a date by saying, “hey, what are you doing this Friday night?” This sounds uncertain as if your plans for all of Friday are hinging on his schedule. However, it’s much sexier and playful to text him saying “Hey, I’m going to a concert on Friday night. You should come!” This is you making the plans and suggesting, in a high value way, that he should come along for the show. When you say that you are already doing something and that he should join you, it shows that you are capable of having fun and making plans on your own – you just want his company, as well. He will love your direct approach and be much less likely to turn you down.

Use Your Texting to Tell Him Your Standards

You have rules about when you will and will not sleep with a new guy you’re dating. You have a firm idea of what a gentleman is. You can communicate these ideas and other standards through text message in a playful way that allows men to know what to expect when they meet up with you. For example, if he texts you after your second date saying that you should come over and stay the night, you can politely say, “You know that I would love to, but I’m afraid I don’t do sleepovers until date four. We can make date number three happen this week, though!” This tells him that you aren’t a booty call, but he does have a chance with you if he takes you out more. This challenge will have him eagerly awaiting your next date.

There’s More to Learn

These are actually just the basic steps to texting a guy in such a way that gets him completely hooked on you. If you want to become a texting professional when it comes to guys and dating, it’s time we had a chat. I have this program that has completely revolutionized the texting and dating game. If you want to unlock the secrets to texting and getting him addicted to you, it’s time you try my program 10 Texts That Make Him Addicted To You. I look forward to hearing your success stories!


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